Friday, September 28, 2007

Miniature Golf

...with an almost-two-year-old was not exactly what we expected tonight, but lots of fun, nonetheless. Owen kept bringing our balls back to us as soon as we hit them. Who would have thought that even the "baby" golf club would tower over him? It was very cute. I think he can do so much, but I keep forgetting he's still really a baby. It always surprises me. Go figure!
By the way, if you ever wondered about Visalia's miniature golf offerings, go ahead and pass. Adventure Park's course is clean and new, but pretty boring for mini golf, especially at 7 bucks a pop. There isn't even a little door that opens and shuts on the buildings. Weak! I'll stick to Blackbeard's in Fresno. Their western and pirate courses are so much fun!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dancing with the star

Can this boy work it, or what?

Art Time

Owen got to paint today. He loved it! A few things I learned:
1. Lay down newspaper. "Don't get paint on the table" is inneffective with a toddler.
2. Don't leave the room to fetch more paper. Or get the phone.
3. Have art time more often!!!

Here Goes...

Okay, so this is my second attempt at blogging. The first time I tried was not so successful. We'll see how it goes this time!