Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hump Day for Henry

So Henry is six weeks old today and I feel so accomplished, like I have reached the top of a very steep (albeit low in elevation) mountain, and it's all going to be easy downhill walking from here on out. Not that EVERYTHING with Henry's going to be easy, but for those of you who are parents, you can agree with me that the first six weeks are the hardest. I think that in addition to the baby needing something for what has seemed like the bulk of every hour of every day, the fact that until now, he hasn't really interacted with me much made the first six weeks hard. Finally there is more fun than pain, more sleeping time than feeding time, and more dirty diapers than I ever imagined. Seriously, whoever says that your laundry doubles with each kid didn't remember to mention that your trash about triples. I had totally forgotten how many diapers a newborn goes through a day (about 10)!

To celebrate Henry's "hump day", I was able to paint my fingernails, fix the vacuum, and make a trip by myself to Home Depot for gardening stuff. I was NOT able to: paint my toenails, actually vacuum the carpet with the fixed vacuum, or plant any of the gardening stuff. But hey, it's progress.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Early Smiles


Are those smiles? Or not? Either way, we're working on it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Receding Hairline

Little by little, Henry is losing his hair. Today about two inches are gone from the front, and one side is a bit balder than the other. It's almost exactly like when Owen's first hair fell out, which means that by Monday, except for maybe a little dark ring around the back, our little Henry's probably going to be bald. Not just bald. But bald for TWO YEARS bald. It makes me a little sad. But while I'm sad about Henry's impending scalp stickyness, I've got lots of other stuff to be happy about today.

1. Spring
It's in the 80s today and I'm wearing my favorite old capris. I love this weather!

2. My garden
The plants in my tiny salad garden are growing, thanks to Mom and Dad for helping us by setting it up and getting it started. This is the first time I've had a garden and it's so exciting! Yesterday Owen and I managed to plant radish seeds before the baby woke up. Hopefully today we can get a few other seeds in.

3. Long naps

A special shout-out to Owen, for sleeping today from 12:30 until 3:30. It made up for just about all of the whining, not listening, the water on the kitchen floor, for having to wash all of the baby's pacifiers AGAIN because you like to suck on them more now than you ever did as an infant. It helped me to forget about the intense pain you gave me this morning when you jumped on my tender chest to say good morning when I was trying to get just a bit more sleep before Daddy left for work. And it motivated me to get out the stroller this afternoon so that we could walk down to the pet store to see Tank, the giant turtle and the new puppies. You're a great napper. I'll have to remember that as I'm pulling you out from under the coffee table tonight at bedtime.

4. Red Paint

I'm also happy because tomorrow Tim and I are going to paint the dresser Tim's parents brought down last weekend for Owen. Moving his clothes out of the changing table/dresser means that I'll have a place to put the baby's clothes and blankets that have been crowding my bedroom for the past month!

So anyway, while I'm saying goodbye to baby hair, I'm saying hello to a lot of new growth and development. And as much as I hate to say it, if Henry's anything like his Koford forefathers, this won't be the only time in his life that he'll be a bit shiny on top.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pics of HDK

So Henry's going to be three weeks old in a few days, and I thought I'd post a few new pictures. He's starting to be more alert and so far sleeps really well--so much it worries me a bit. But I'm trying not to be as paranoid about every little thing as I was when O.K. was born and just appreciate the down time. Not a whole lot is going on, we're sort of hibernating at home for the most part. The baby acne is making its appearance this week, and his eyes are already lightening up to a brilliant light blue. I wonder if they'll stay blue?

Henry's first bath--he HATED it! He's so skinny still, and don't tell anyone I said this, but when he has no clothes on he kind of reminds me of Voldemort--you know, at the half-alive living off unicorn blood stage? I know, I'm horrible. So anyway while trying to fatten him up as fast as I can, I also prefer to keep clothes on this little guy!In other news, Merilee had her baby yesterday. Everything went great, and you can check out her blog for the latest details as they are posted. Go Merilee! I'm so amazed by you! I'm doing the "M-E-R-I-L-E-E" cheer that we made up in high school all day today!
One last thing: yesterday Owen brought out a fantastic invention of his own creation and I thought I'd share it--he named it a "Water Hot dog". Tim and I thought it was pretty funny. Why do we even buy toys for this kid?