Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chubby Baby


Henry is gettting so interactive. I love it! He gets excited and smiles so big when I talk to him. Last weekend we took a trip down to Hesperia to be there for Father's Day. My mom and I went to Las Vegas on Saturday for the day to go to Anne's baby shower. We had lots of fun. We also got to see Susanna and her family for about 3 hours. It was not long enough of a visit, and unfortunately I snapped only one blurry picture the whole weekend. Here's the picture of Owen and Tate looking out the window at the dogs. I took it right before Tate scratched Owen, which Owen has not forgotten. When I mentioned Tate yesterday, Owen said, "And Tate scratched me." I figure it's just practice for when Henry gets to be Tate's age--Owen needs to toughen up a little bit! As a side note, thanks a lot for the fever, Susanna. It only took those few hours of exposure for Blake to pass it forward to our house this week!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Communication Barrier

Owen: My yeg is Frusty!
Me: Your leg is crusty?
Owen: No, not frusty, it's Frusty!
Me: Your leg is frosty?
Owen: No, my yeg is frusty! It itches.
Me: Oh. Your leg is scratchy.
Owen: Yeah!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My semi-green thumb

Check out my garden! So far I've harvested several tomatoes, yellow squash, chives, and my zucchini are going crazy. They've pretty much taken over the place. It's just a matter of time until I have bell peppers, basil, and jalapenos ready, and I have four cucumber plants that are covered in blossoms. Unfortunately everything I planted by seed is either dead or hardly alive! I really like this small garden (it's only 4'x4') because there's no virtually no weeding, no watering (thanks to Dad's timed drip system), and no waste. Basically no work and we've eaten everything that we've picked so far. And while I'm still hoping for the lettuce, radishes, beans, and carrots to make it, I'm loving the rest of the vegetables I've got.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Little Old Man

While at church today, two different people told me how much Henry looks like a little old man. And while hearing it hurts my feelings just a smidge, in all truthfulness I have to agree. In addition to the old-man hair he's got going on these days, he acts like an old man, too. He sleeps a lot and he's cranky when he's uncomfortable or doesn't get what he wants. And while I promised myself I'd never blog about my kids' bowels, lets just say that Henry's a lot like an old man in that area, too.

Owen, on the other hand, is a very rambunctious little boy--he doesn't have an ounce of old man in him. He is so rowdy in nursery. I helped in the nursery at church today and Owen had at least three kids crying at different points...not that he hurt them on purpose, but when you're chasing bubbles, sometimes heads knock together. And fingers get squashed when kids try to go through the pop-up tunnel at the same time. He wants to experience everything and doesn't think about other kids getting in the way. During singing time he sang all the songs the loudest (with hand motions), but after every song he'd say "Are we DONE yet?" as if he was having the worst time. I think he just wanted to get his snack and play some more.

We met our ward for a family temple trip yesterday in Fresno. I really like our ward! It was fun. After we had a picnic lunch it was time to go. I was pushing Henry in the stroller and Tim was carrying Owen. I said, "race ya!" and took off running with the stroller. Because I was wearing high-heeled sandals, Tim and Owen caught up with us and tried to cut us off. Then, not really thinking, I pushed the stroller out to try to stop Tim and the wheel hit the back of his shoe. The stroller tipped to the side but I caught it before anyone tripped or got hurt. Stupid Emily! I could have hurt everyone in the family! I felt pretty dumb. The collision woke up Henry and we had to cancel the race unfinished.

It's hot out here! Take me inside! And get me some Prune Juice!