Friday, August 29, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!

Tim is so S-M-R-T.

Tim has wanted to be a marriage and family therapist since before we started dating, something like nine years ago. It's been a long road, and he's still not quite there yet, but he cleared a big hurdle this week. Tim passed his first licensure exam on Wednesday! Before he was even eligible to take the exam he had to earn his M.S. degree and log THREE THOUSAND hours of face-to-face therapy as an intern. It seemed like we'd never make it but after three years, he completed his hours and passed the first exam. I'm so proud of him. He only has one exam left and he will be a licensed MFT. Finally!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I used to have a car like this!

So there's this new movie coming out that sounds kinda cute called Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, and I was wasting time today and found a widget to put on my blog. The interesting thing about the movie is, when I watched the trailer, I immediately recognized my old car that I used to drive in high school. It's a 1979 Ford Fiesta. Mine was white and included such luxury features as a board to hold the hatchback door up, a heart-shaped dent in the side that the previous owner had painted pink, and a heater that released various scents of breakfast foods on the way to seminary in the morning (seriously, you never knew what you'd smell--one day maple syrup, another day sausage, the possibilities were endless!). Sometimes I'd take it out on old dirt bike trails with my friend Ryan Heywood. That car never broke down or had any problems except for the times I forgot to put gas in or left the lights on. If you were one of those rich kids whose parents bought you a brand new car when you turned 16, you don't know what you were missing.

Even though the Fiesta (nicknamed "Patsy" by my sister Susanna) was a pretty sweet ride, it didn't have a radio; I compensated for that by putting my own little boombox down on the floor on the passenger side where I would blast my favorite band of the mid-nineties: The Aquabats! I'd ride down Bear Valley Road on my way to work at Hogi Yogi with my windows down and belt out every word of the Aquabats every day after school. Thank you, Katie Stier, for introducing me to the band that added to what can only be classified as the MAGIC of my high school experience! This mix tape is for you!

**edit: I just borrowed the book on which this movie was based from the library, and the car in the book is actually a Yugo, which is basically the same as a Ford Fiesta, except maybe slightly more cool, if that's possible. Also the book is chock full of foul language and everything else you don't want to read. So skip it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A whole lotta exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a great day today. I keep finding things to do to avoid going to bed and I think it's because I don't want today to end! Owen was soooo good today. We didn't do much besides go the library and the park, but somehow I was able to give both boys the attention they needed and we (okay I) didn't have any major meltdowns. I'm trying to think back on everything that happened and find out what was different. It's amazing what one ordinary but good day can do to lift my spirits! Yay for today! Up with patience! I love my family!!!!!! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vacuuming Sucks.

Henry is playing with toys and grabbing his feet now. He sometimes will laugh if I gobble his tummy or if Tim puts him on his head and rubs his head back and forth on his tummy. He LOVES peekaboo and jumping in the jumper. I haven't started him on solids yet, but he wears a bib much of the day because he drools SO much.

Owen is doing mostly great at potty training. On a slightly negative note, he's been pretty defiant lately and makes me hope that the terrible twos will end on his third birthday like flipping a switch. I'm not very hopeful on that one--I can't describe how sick I am of him running away from me whenever it's time to leave ANYWHERE.

A few days ago I was vacuuming and having suction problems. While trying to clean out the dirt cup and filters, Owen wouldn't leave me alone. He wanted to help really bad. I was frustrated as it was, trying to get the house vacuumed before Tim got home and having difficulties fitting the pieces back together. And then despite my warnings not to touch, Owen kept taking out pieces and playing with the hose and everything else. Dust was getting everywhere, resulting in the opposite effect that I originally intended. I was trying not to yell and keep my cool, so I spoke to him the way my mom always did when she tried not to yell at me: I clenched my teeth as tightly as I could to tell him what I wanted him to do: "GET AWAY FROM ME."

This "Mom's mad" voice always worked on me. Growing up, it was like a signal to get in gear and I find myself using it more and more, because somehow I feel slightly less guilty about being mad at Owen if I can control myself and not yell. And I figure that because I consider my mom to be an absolute ANGEL who can do no wrong, I try to copy a lot of her mothering skills.
Unfortunately, I couldn't help but add my own twist to the whole thing. When I told Owen to get away from me, I tried to make my eyes go red like Teen Wolf's when he tells the liquor store clerk, "GIVE ME A KEG OF BEER". That was my inspiration, and while I know it's not exactly, um, patient/loving/angelic as a mother's voice ought to be, secretly I wanted Owen to cower and do exactly what I was telling him to do just like the guy in the movie. Did it work? Of course not. Owen didn't bat an eye. He got as close to me as possible, grabbed my cheeks and sang loudly and smiling, "I wuv you, you wuv me, we're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won't you say you wuvvvvv meeeee tooooo!" And as irritated as I was, I felt really bad. I just wanted a couple minutes to vacuum and not be bothered. But why do I get so angry and worked up over things that are so trivial and simple? My lesson for the day was to lighten up.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Everybody Cut Footloose!

My friend Tiffany called me on Saturday morning, wondering if I was busy that night. She had tickets for the best that our little city can offer--Kenny Loggins! Not being able to recall even one Kenny Loggins song, I was skeptical that I'd enjoy the concert; but the idea of getting out of the house for a girls' night out was too tempting to pass up. That evening I put on lots of black eyeliner and waited for Tiffany to pick me up. We drove over to the theatre and when we found a parking spot right in front of the theatre (rock star spot!), I knew this night was going to be good.

We walked in and saw lots of old people going in to the concert, and I had mixed emotions. My first thought was, "Wow, we're probably the youngest people here!" And then a sinking feeling made me realize that 1, we probably weren't the youngest people there, and 2, I wouldn't be able to have that thought for much longer, being as I'm pushing 30 these days. It was a bit disheartening, but I quickly forgot my worries of getting old when Tiffany showed me where we would be sitting--she'd scored 3rd row seats! I guess that her parents bought the tickets for a charity and had extras for us to use. I was right on the end of the row in a side aisle toward the middle, affording me a clear, close view of the stage. I was right in front of one of Kenny's guitar players, who looked exactly like Tim's cousin Craig. It was freaky how much this guy looked like Craig. Anyway, when Kenny Loggins came out, I was surprised by how much he looked like a pirate. To be more accurate, he looked like (and sometimes moved like) an animatronic pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland--the one with the goatee who sits on a barrel of gunpowder, shooting off his gun. It was a little bit freaky.

So for a person who couldn't name one Kenny Loggins song before the concert, I was totally surprised at how many songs I actually knew. He sang "Even though we ain't got money", "Pooh Corner", "This Is It", "Celebrate Me Home", "Highway to the Danger Zone" and even "Footloose" among several others I knew. At one point, Kenny came down into the audience and stood right next to me as he sang a song. I had lots of fun, although if I had been maybe 10 or more years older, I probably would have appreciated it more.