Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Good to be Three!

Last week in honor of Owen's 3rd, we threw him a wild west cowboy party and invited 8 of his little friends. At the party the children learned how to dress, talk, and walk like a cowboy. Then we headed outside to rope a longhorn (with hula hoops) and shoot like a cowboy (shooting cans with a water gun). All the kids with their bandannas and cowboy hats looked so cute, and it was funny to see the difference between boys and girls at the party--the boys were pretty interested in the cowboy games, while the girls mostly hung out by the swing set. I think they all enjoyed the spread of cowboy grub which included little doggies and cowboy trail mix. Most of all, I think Owen had a great time. He walked around with his hat on the whole time, and I even got him to wear a pair of tiny leather chaps that we borrowed from the Hibbards.
I can't believe this kid is three already! Owen is very sweet and energetic. He loves to help feed and hold his baby brother. He gives him big hugs and a kiss every night before bed. Owen can be rambunctious but is always quick to apologize if he's caused any pain. In nursery at church, he tries to comfort other kids who are crying. His favorite snack is pretzels and he is gaga over ice cream. He loves to play games and after months of practice, just learned to do a correct somersault all by himself. He can sing on key and learns songs very quickly. And I just love how his nose scrunches up when he bites an apple! Happy Birthday Owen, I love you!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Owen Skiing


Yesterday, in conjunction with Sierra Summit, the city hosted a learn to ski/snowboard day. Even though both kids were sick with colds, I really, really wanted to go. I was picturing real snow brought in from the high sierras kinda like they used to do at Santa's Village (anyone who grew up in SoCal remember Santa's Village?). I talked it up to Owen, how he'd get to see snow and throw a snowball and even brought a pair of mittens in my bag. We were all so excited to see snow--silly me! We went to the park and found this giant white carpet ramp that was sprayed with something that made it pretty slick. Despite my sheepish disappointment it still worked great for the kids to get a feel of what skiing feels like. Owen had a BLAST. He stood in line and went down the hill about 10 times. The best part was that after we were done, we all got free passes to go to Sierra Summit including rentals and a lesson! Hopefully we'll get up there in the next few months so we can see the snow for real.

I think I have this commercial memorized, I saw it so many times as a kid.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Touch the Frog


I just really, really, love this kid.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bye Bye, No Child Left Behind

I kinda wish I was back in the classroom teaching history today!