Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Jammies

Posing like this on Christmas is a Koford family tradition.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Proof that the adults were more excited about Christmas morning than the children


After much deliberation, we decided not to give O.K. the caterpillar toy and gave him a more age-appropriate v-tech toy instead. Remarkably, neither that nor a shiny new tricycle drew much interest when sat side-by-side with Henry's gumball machine.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've got a Santa for a husband.

Every Christmas for at least the past two years, maybe more, Tim has been asked to be Santa either at work or church or both. Last year due to fitting issues he declined. This year his coworkers wanted him to be Santa so badly that they custom-made his suit for an open house planned for the kids they see. Despite his rather modern-looking eyeglasses and the beard being so big and unruly that you could barely see his face, the suit looked great. And for the record, while Tim was pleased with how well the suit fit, I think he liked all the attention he received the best.
Yep, we're sitting on "Santa's" lap...Ho Ho Hum.

I took the boys over to see Tim at the open house and watched as Owen went up to Santa (Tim) and sat on his lap. As soon as Tim said something, Owen looked at him and said, "Daddy, you look funny!" and all of Tim's coworkers laughed.

Speaking of Santa, he seems to be making way too many appearances this year. We saw Santa at Owen's little book club, our church Christmas party, then Tim's work. He even sent a personalized video to us. By the time we walked past Santa at the mall on Saturday, Owen and Henry were more interested in the decorations than the old guy sitting on the throne.

I've been working on little gifts for friends and neighbors this past week and have passed out almost all of them. I made white chocolate popcorn and gave it in cans I decorated (reused from Henry's formula).

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I get by with a little help from my in-laws

I am having a great week, still so happy coming off a fantastic weekend. Tim's parents gave us the best gift. They dropped all of their plans and babysat the kids all day Saturday while we went off and did whatever we wanted! Both boys were sick with colds, so I'm sure it wasn't an easy day, either. We ended up going to the Oakland Temple, went Christmas shopping, and even caught a movie. Aaahhhh....I really needed the break. THANK YOU MEL AND DIANE!!! Don't give us any other gifts for Christmas...seriously. Our Saturday-free-of-kids was the best Christmas gift ever!

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Question of the Ages

We've got a new Target in town. And I love it! But while it's nice and clean and everything's new, that's not really the reason why I love it. It's because of the new shopping carts.

The new carts at this Target are made of plastic and they feel pretty light to push around. They are really cute, if one could use that word in correlation with a shopping cart, as they resemble a laundry basket more than a cart with their round holes rather than old-style rectangular mesh cage. And the big carts that are made for a mom to push her kids around are a whole new design. They don't have the little seating areas and load from the back, which in my experience are just giant, not to mention always filthy and not suitable for a baby. The new ones have front-facing seats and are just the right size for both of my boys. They almost look like roller coaster seats! And that's just how I described it to the kids to spread my excitement for going to Target today. Heh. That excitement lasted about one trip down the makeup aisle. Apparently despite their cuteness, the new kid carts aren't particularly comfortable.

By about five minutes into our trip today Henry was crying, Owen was complaining, (this occurred almost immediately after I took the picture with my phone) and I realized two things that sadly cut my Target trip short: I'd left H's pacifier in the car and it was almost nap time. The only saving grace that got me a few more minutes to shop at Target was a promise to spend some time in the toy section (along with a few more ounces of formula left in Henry's bottle). We barreled down all the toy aisles, and I handed Owen just about any toy he wanted to see and push its buttons. I wanted to really pay attention to the toys so I could make some Christmas-buying decisions.

For some reason, right before Owen's birthday last month, at a Target trip quite similar to today's, Owen spotted a toy that he just hasn't gotten out of his mind: a caterpillar. This particular toy is not a caterpillar tractor, it's a green plastic caterpillar that has lots of legs with letters on them. I guess you can push on the legs and it says a letter of the alphabet. At that trip he wanted to play with the caterpillar toy but I didn't let him. We needed to go, so we left the toy section and headed toward the registers as Owen cried, "I want the caterpillar! I want the caterpillar!" Ever since that day, Owen has been fixated on that toy. When Grandma asked him what he wanted for his birthday, it was the caterpillar. He didn't get it for his birthday. And now, when we ask him what he wants for Christmas, all he says he wants is that stinking caterpillar. The other day I got an email from ToysRUs advertising free shipping, and I thought I'd look up the caterpillar toy to see how much it cost and if it got any good reviews. The one I found was a purple caterpillar, and wouldn't you know it? Right then Owen ran up and got completely excited because he saw the caterpillar, and it was purple! I have tried to talk Owen out of this. Despite the fact that I think it's pretty overpriced, IT IS A BABY TOY. I have told him this several times, and it has not deterred him. No other toys I strategically mention to him hold a candle to the stupid caterpillar. This morning at his little book club, Santa made an appearance. I told him to go tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas, so Owen walked up and said, "I want a purple caterpillar for Christmas". Incidentally, under that giant beard and hat, Santa couldn't understand what Owen said so he smiled at him and told him he could open his present (a book).

Bringing us back to the present, back in the toy aisle at Target, Owen saw the caterpillars today, both green and purple, and I looked and instantly realized: the purple caterpillar is SPANISH speaking. So now my 3-year-old wants a Spanish baby toy for Christmas, and just won't let it go. He didn't even want to touch the green one. And here's what made me really frustrated: I handed him the purple caterpillar to play with, because I wanted to see if it would really hold his interest, and after about 30 seconds, he was done with it and threw it down. Now that alone should tell me that this is not the right toy, but even as we were leaving Target shortly thereafter, I asked him again what he wanted and his vision of having a caterpillar of his very own has not changed.

So now I face the decision that could make or break Christmas morning. Do I buy the caterpillar and relive the joy of a Christmas morning long ago when my parents made my dreams come true by presenting me with a Casio SK-1 keyboard with voice recording (that to this day I still refuse to let my mother discard)? Or do I buy him something else that might provide (maybe a minute or two) more enjoyment in the long run and possibly RUIN Christmas? What is a Target-loving mother to do?

My Henry

He gave us a good night's sleep and is back to his old self today. Yay!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family Fun

We had a fine Thanksgiving at my parents' house last weekend. We spent time with my parents and Mindy's family, and we also saw Chad's family and Bill. Owen chose Preston as his current favorite cousin, following him around everywhere; he always wanted to share whatever chair Preston sat in. Even as we were putting him to bed, deliriously exhausted and filthy from playing all day in the backyard, he'd say, "I want to go play with my cousins!" I'd have to break the news to him that Preston, Sydney, Campbell, and Quincy were all in bed, too. I really wish we lived closer to my sisters!
On Sunday Henry turned into a teething beast. No teeth are in sight at this point, and we've lost a lot of sleep lately--I think from the time we put Henry down last night until this morning, he woke up 4 or 5 times. He is so miserable and cranky. I am so lucky to have a husband willing to trade off with me for night wakenings.