Saturday, February 28, 2009

This made me laugh and take a picture.

Look at what he's coloring and what he insisted on using to color it. This kid's got his dad's sense of humor!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Super Porridge!

"What IS that, Emily? It looks like dog food!" my friend Sarah asked me the other day at the park. She was referring to a bowl of homemade baby food that I had been feeding to Henry. And I couldn't take (much) offense to that, because it did look pretty unappetising. After I told her it was baby food, I rattled off a list of all the ingredients in the nutritious, if gross-looking mix. Tim calls it my "concoction". I call it super porridge, and it's a little bit different every day.

I decided a long time ago that I wanted to try to make all of Henry's baby food homemade. I couldn't do it with Owen because I was working at the time, and even though I know that I shouldn't feel this way, I still feel a little guilty and maybe less of a perfect natural mom because I had to have both boys by C-section and couldn't really breastfeed much, either. So making homemade baby food is something easy that I can do that makes me feel like a really good mom. I do not take much home made baby food when we travel. It's too much of a pain, so I buy jarred baby food for that. And sometimes I'll feed Henry store-bought food that I can't make very easily myself, like raspberries. Now that he's nearly one Henry's food is getting chunkier and he does a lot of self-feeding, but most of the time, he's still feeding himself Mom's cooking. I got all of my information for making baby food from the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron.

Super porridge starts off with grain. I don't buy the ultra-refined rice cereal for babies at the market. I grind and cook my own whole grains as my base for the meal. I've now added legumes, too, which gives the porridge complete protein. Henry's food might have any mixture of brown rice, oats, barley, or millet along with red beans, black beans, or any other I choose to grind. I cook the ground powder and then portion it into bowls for each day's use.

Each day I pull a bowl of cooked cereal out of the fridge and start making my concoction. I start by adding a green veggie cube, usually kale or broccoli. Then on alternating days I add either a mashed hard-cooked egg yoke or an orange veggie cube, which might be carrots, sweet potato, or butternut squash. I also add a fruit if I've got a ripe, mashable one on hand, and sweeten it with a little juice. I add about 1/2 teaspoon of nutritional yeast for an extra vitamin boost as well. I feed this to Henry and give him more juice to drink, which with its vitamin C helps him to absorb the vitamins in the porridge.

Today's cereal had millet, red beans, kale, butternut squash, grape juice, apples, and nutritional yeast. The kale is what gives it that lovely green hue.

That's my super porridge! Henry might love it one day and like it not so much the next, depending on what's inside, but whichever way, I know that he's getting nearly an entire days' worth of nutrition in that one meal. Then his lunchtime meal can be lots of healthy finger foods with a sandwich or plain whole milk yogurt with whatever fruit or vegetable I choose mixed in, and he eats pretty much whatever I fix for the whole family for dinner. I love feeding Henry this way, because I don't have to worry about him getting all the right nutrients or counting it up throughout the day. If I spend a little time once a week making food cubes and cereal, the rest of the week's food prep is no more time than it would take if I had bought it all in boxes and jars.

This is a happy, healthy boy who still tries to eat lint from behind the computer regardless of what his mother feeds him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warm and Cold

For the past few weeks, it's been pretty warm--and we, along with the trees, were fooled into thinking that perhaps spring was making its appearance. Unfortunately it is cold and rainy this week, proving that winter hasn't quite given up the ghost. Yesterday Tim's truck was in the shop, leaving me stranded at home, which turned out fine because Henry still had his yucky cough left over from the weekend. I had to, HAD TO, put in my old Carpenters CD and listen to "Rainy Days and Mondays". That song doesn't really make me sad. I love it, actually. I really wanted to bake cookies, but being that my diet doesn't have cookie days built in, the Carpenters, along with my fleece sweatshirt, baby Motrin and the Pooh Bear movie had to suffice for our rainy day comfort. Here are some pics I've taken in the recent warm days.

Feeding the ducks and playing at Plaza Park

At home. Owen wanted me to capture the magic of him jumping off the slide. Look closely--the buds on that tree are just about ready to go.

Today the sun is back out (at least for the moment), I've got my car back, and Henry's feeling much better. We're off to playgroup and Costco!

Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I just put these up on Facebook and I thought I'd post these on my blog for those of you who are *non-facebook users.

1. Growing up, my sister and I fought so much that we drove separate cars to high school.
2. I have a list of invention ideas that someday I’m going to try to develop.
3. I used to collect walrus stuff when I was a kid. I won a contest for writing a walrus story in 2nd grade that my family still teases me about.
4. I quit playing the flute and switched to the French horn in 11th grade because I couldn't handle the fact that two freshman beat me out for first chair.
5. I call my sister Merilee when I need courage to kill big spiders.
6. When I was 18, I had a breast reduction and the doctor removed over 11 pounds of breast tissue. I worry that if I have a daughter, she will have the same problem.
7. I love Golden Grahams cereal. I hardly ever buy it because it's too expensive, too sugary, and is gone too fast.
8. I love cooking. America’s Test Kitchen is my current favorite place to get new recipes to try. They always turn out great. I recently tried Chicken Tikka Masala and it was fantastic.
9. I picked the wrong major in college, and I still don't know what I should have picked. Maybe teaching elementary music. Or Robotics.
10. I’m handier than my husband. Once I fixed our dryer.
11. My parents are my heroes. I hope they'll be around to give me advice for a long, long time.
12. I put off cleaning. Once our home teachers came early and caught us vacuuming. On a Sunday!
13. My son Owen is the rowdiest kid in his Sunbeam class at church.
14. I love how much Owen loves books. I need to spend more time reading to him.
15. I try to make my voice sound like Karen Carpenter when I sing her songs, and sometimes I think I’m pretty close. I just need to work on my lower register some more.
16. I have two big boxes of scrap booking supplies I have accumulated but I have never actually completed a page.
17. Even though they’re super slobbery, I love it when my baby Henry gives me big “kisses”. He grabs my face and presses his big open mouth onto me.
18. I have completed seven credits of a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in school library and information technology.
19. My husband Tim makes me laugh more than anyone else. Once someone asked him to do stand-up comedy at a party.
20. I want to run for public office when I get older.
21. Even though I know I should encourage them to be more reverent, I secretly really LOVE hearing primary children at church yell “HEY!” at the end of the hello song.
22. I wish I lived closer to my sisters.
23. I like to knit. I’m not all that great at it.
24. My three sisters and I once formed a singing group called the Pink Panty Girls. We performed for our family at home in our matching “outfits”.
25. I like to tease Tim by telling him the bishop or stake president from church called while he was at work and wants to give him a big calling. He falls for it every time. Once President Hinckley called!

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