Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cousins of the World, UNITE!


We can not wait to see lots and lots of cousins in the next few weeks.

It's time for a Koford invasion!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

knit one, read two

People have been asking me what I've been working on since I completed my last big project. Basically I've been knitting, working on a few knitting projects that had been sitting around for a while. I finished a hat for me, an ugly purse, a little girls' hat, and a little scarf to match it. I went through my knitting bag and I've still got at least four unfinished projects to complete including two koala hats, another scarf, and a sock to match one I finished nearly two years ago. I told myself that I wasn't allowed to start anything new until I finished all of those other things. That was until I got some new knitting books from the library.

Every once in a while I go on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and look to see what new knitting books are out. I copy the titles and then paste them into the library's online catalog to see what's available. Then I put all of them on hold and within a week or two, they trickle in. This is my system for most of my books and DVDs--and I check out lots of books regularly. There are so many library branches connected to mine and I rarely find just what I'm looking for in the stacks, so now it's all request and hold. I love it--it's like Netflicks for cheapskates!

Anyway, the very same day this knitting book came in, Tim brought me 7 giant skeins of cream-colored yarn that his mother donated for my cause.

I knew instantly that my self-enforced rule was going out the window when this bear appeared!

And of course, she needed an outfit to match--don't you just love the basket weave?

It is a good thing I have neices. Owen and Henry loved this bear until she had a dress.

Henry and Alex

best of friends

Monday, July 6, 2009

Recipe for a Fantastic 4th

My family loves to celebrate Independence Day with plenty of food surrounded by family. The main ingredient is Dad's barbecue.
This man can make anything taste good! He actually builds his own barbecues, like the big smoker in this picture. If I'm counting right, I think my dad currently employs the use of four different barbecues. His specialty is ribs, smoked and smothered in his own sauce.


We had lots of great food that I won't go into great detail to describe, except to mention my favorite dessert for this holiday, Mom's warm apricot cobbler with ice cream. This simple, amazing dessert is what home tastes like!
We picked lots of sweet apricots from the tree and are now enjoying them this week. If you have never tasted a ripe apricot fresh off the tree, you are truly missing a beautiful thing. I no longer buy them in the grocery store, because I'm always disappointed--they never taste as good as home.We enjoyed all the food down in the gazeebo my dad built (have I mentioned his nickname is Iron Grandpa?). The weather was beautiful: warm with a cool breeze. After eating we set the kids off on a magnificent scavenger hunt that ended when they found the booty--chocolate surrounded by water guns, and then they began a water fight that was so enticing that all of the adults joined in.
The cousins (Chad's kids, Merilee's kids, and mine) had great fun together, except for Henry, who for some reason cried every time little Alex (Merilee's son and the same age as Henry) came near. It was hilarious!
We topped off the evening by watching three different fireworks displays that we could see from the yard. Not one of them could be viewed in its entirety and all of them were far away, but regardless of running back and forth to find the best view and craining my neck to see portions of bombs bursting, just standing in the cool evening under the full moon surrounded by my family made it a memory I don't wish to forget.

I feel so blessed to live in freedom in a country that allows me to enjoy my family and live my life as I choose!