Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm a sucker for tradition, especially on holidays. It just doesn't feel right to me if we don't do some specific things for Halloween. Here are some of our Halloween traditions.

Pumpkin carving
Halloween is in the air the moment I lift the lid off a pumpkin and start cleaning out the inside. I really love that smell. Owen picked out a design and pushed out the cut pieces after I carved his pumpkin. Tim and I also carved our own pumpkins. This week we've been checking on them on our porch, watching them decay. Henry is our little pumpkin spotter. Whenever we are in a store or pass by a house with pumpkins, he points and grunts, "uh! uh!"

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
I know that I shouldn't necessarily be proud of my child watching TV, but it just makes me smile inside when I think about how much Owen enjoys Peanuts holiday shows. Henry still prefers pushing around his popcorn popper toy over Charlie Brown, but we'll get him next year. I guarantee it.

Pumpkin Patch
Henry and I went along with Owen on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with his preschool class. Can anything be cuter than little kids trying to pick up pumpkins that are as big as they are?

We all dressed up this year, and being such a slow sewer, I worked until the very last minute finishing up everyones' costumes. Owen and Henry went as cavemen. Henry's language development fit his costume perfectly (he grunts more than speaks actual words these days)! They both really liked their costumes, especially the clubs they got to bang around all over the place. Tim and I dressed as Disneyland cast members. Can you guess what ride we might work on? We painted our faces to look like a dead butler and maid for our church Halloween party, and a member of the bishopric asked me to get him some chili as if I was his servant.

On Halloween night we had some friends over for corn dogs, homemade donuts, and apple cider after the kids went trick-or-treating. Despite a few trip-ups such as Henry falling on his face and hurting his lip, Tim ripping a hole in my blouse with a pin from his unfinished vest, and bits of fake fur EVERYWHERE, when it comes down it it, this just might have been the best Halloween ever!

Happy Halloween!