Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Watch out, Nadya Suleman!

Yesterday afternoon I had Oprah turned on as I was cleaning the house. She had Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, on the show. In part of the interview they showed some video of Octomom at home with her 14 children, eight of them babies less than two years old. It was a pretty chaotic, noisy video clip, and Henry and Owen were glued to the screen. When I noticed how interested they were, I said to them, "Wow, look at all those babies!" and Owen says, "Oh, I wish we had a house full of babies!" Then Henry, in a voice that sounded like Sloth from Goonies, screams, "BAAAAABY!!!!"

Please, Mommy?

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Refurbished Chandelier

Shortly after Tim and I were married, I worked at the electric shop on the campus of BYU. I was a secretary for most of that time, and my favorite part of the job was answering distress calls from people stuck in campus elevators. I really loved that job--I had a radio, so I always knew what was going on around campus. One semester instead of working as secretary, I worked on fire alarm systems. I learned all kinds of stuff about how to do electrical work and lately, my knowledge has come in handy. Take a look at the change I made in my entry lighting.
This is the old fixture, which, incidentally, is up for sale on Craig's List in case anyone reading has just gotta have it. It wasn't really terrible, it just wasn't my thing.

I found this used chandelier at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. It cost 15 bucks. I covered the lampshades with some craft paper, mod podge and bias tape for the trim. I covered them while listening to general conference. Before the last conference talk was over, I had myself a pretty cute light fixture! The biggest problem was finding a bracket to fit underneath the cover to attach it to the ceiling. Luckily my awesome dad came to the rescue and welded one for me.

This is the finished light! Isn't it cute? I love it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

House Pictures!

I've got some house pics to share. There's still so much to do, but we are moved in and the decoration has just begun. I haven't hung even one picture yet, and the walls are bare. This past week I was just enjoying walking around barefooted and not having to do anything! So here are some before-and-afters of our new house.
We removed carpet and tile and installed new laminate flooring in all of the living areas, kitchen, hall, and office. We removed the built-in in the great room and replaced it with a craigslist oak thing I rescued from a trailer park that will soon be black and have a renovation of its own. We removed wallpaper, painted the walls beige with white ceilings and white trim, and put in new baseboards. While all of the doors were off, we painted the hinges and knobs with some oil-rubbed bronze paint for a more updated look than the old gold color. I LOVE my floors. I can't wait to do some window treatments and make things look a little more home-y.
In the kitchen we haven't done much, other than put in a new range and microwave. The dishwasher is also on its way out. Oh, we did have to put in a new faucet and some of those cool magnetic child locks on the cupboards.  Hopefully next year we can change out these countertops, and the gold light fixture over the table's days are numbered, too.

Did you notice the previous owners had even painted the tile backsplash under the cabinets? Someone had painstakingly painted little hearts and vines all the way around by hand--and that is only the beginning of the crazy paint! Read on.

The living room is very bare right now. It needs some decoration. I have taken down the old chandelier and found a different one to replace it, but that's still a work-in-progress. And I've got to figure out some way to make the entry from the front door more of an entry, rather than just being right in the living room as soon as you walk in. When my mom and I removed the wallpaper from the living room wall, we found--can you guess? Yet another mural painted on the wall. I never got a picture of it, but it was a big, roundish abstract bushy-looking thing painted in burgundy and gold metallic paint. It was our very own hidden mural, a secret gift from those who lived here before. We primed and painted over it the next day. 
We are using the first bedroom as our office/sewing room. I want to put in a big desktop that goes along most of the wall and add a little work space for the kids, as well. For now I am happy with a closet to store supplies and not having to look at that ridiculous dolphin/boat mural! In all of the bedrooms except for the master, the light fixtures were gone when we moved in, so I installed ceiling fans in all of them.
The second bedroom has an extremely high ceiling, and it had a giant tropical waterfall-palm tree mural thing that went almost all the way up, so after priming the heck out of that thing, we chose a light blue for this as well as the boys' room. I love the color. This room will be the guest room until we have the need for a nursery someday in the distant future. This room came with mustard brown blinds. I will be changing those out hopefully soon, but for now they're better than nothing!  The carpet we picked for all of the bedrooms is medium brown low shag with multi-colored flecks. I love it, too. Unfortunately on the night we moved in, Henry was sick with the stomach flu; and wouldn't you know it, he threw up right on the carpet in my bedroom. We didn't even have one full day with clean, new, vomit-free carpet! It just makes me sick to think about it! 

The boys' bedroom had a ceiling painted with clouds and stars. If you haven't noticed by now, the previous owners were CRAZY for paint and murals! It had Tinkerbell stickers stuck all over the place--not the best look for two boys. This room is not a very big room, so we are debating the idea of bunk beds. For now the mattresses are on the floor. Don't judge me!

The hall bathroom had dark blue and purple paint. Not just on the walls, but ceiling, too, and that includes the vents, fan, even the light switch. It was so dark and made the little room seem even smaller than it even is. We didn't even notice the sink or anything else about the bathroom until we had painted it. It was so overpowering.  
After a few days of scraping the tile off of the kitchen floor, I undertook scraping linoleum off of the floors in the bathrooms and laundry. The laundry room floor had a big hole in it, and the hall bath floor had some obvious water damage, so although we hadn't planned on this job, it needed to be done. That job--scraping the linoleum off the bathroom floors--was by far the most disgusting job of all that I undertook. We had to remove the toilets, and combined with old, damp vinyl floors--it was stinky and just gross! Tim and I replaced the flooring in all three areas with some big tiles and epoxy grout, which is supposed to be stain free--perfect for a bathroom frequented by little boys. Time will tell if it was a good choice! Laying these big tiles was not easy, especially to get perfect, straight lines. I really wish I could do this job over again. I'm not very satisfied with how it looks.
Check out the crazy paint in the master bedroom. Who would do this? I just don't get it. It was so ugly. When I wonder why no one else bought this house before we did, I just have to think about this room and it all comes back to me. This room was painted completely brown, vaulted ceilings and all. Someone painstakingly painted and sponged everything--even the doors, except they were too lazy to move their bed and paint behind it! Once we painted this room, it was unbelievable how much bigger it looked. You have to have seen it to really understand how much the room is transformed.
So, that's about all I have to show! I've got lots of plans and am I the only one who wishes she could just get rid of all of the old mismatched furniture and get all new?!?! It will come with time, I guess. This past weekend we were doing our best to eradicate the dandelion population that has taken over the front and back yard. Honestly, I'm not sure there is any grass left.