Friday, July 23, 2010

My second favorite Mindy in the world

I am completely enamoured by this new song by Mindy Gledhill. I can't wait until her new CD comes out next month! Between that and the new Hunger Games book, it's going to be a good, good month.

And in case you were wondering, my very favorite Mindy in the world is, of course, my sister. She and her husband, Jason, are so much fun. I really wish that I could live closer to Mindy and Jason, as well as my sister Susanna, who both live in the same town. I love my sisters! They can have me laughing so hard I cry with just about anything they say. Mindy and her super fun happy good time family drove all the way from Utah to visit us last week and we had such a blast. Love you, Mindy!

What could be more fun than one fun cousin? Try five at once! Always someone to play with.
We drove up to Sequoia National Park and braved climbing up Moro Rock. Ugh, all those steps gave me a pretty good workout, especially carrying Henry all the way back down!

We even had a special treat completely out of the ordinary for us: three Muller girls in our car on the way home! They had us laughing so hard, making up songs about their babysitters. Sigh! Little girls are so much fun!

Now that Mindy and Susanna's visits are over, I kinda feel like this last picture. Life is not nearly so fun without a sister or a cousin to play with! I'm counting down the days until I get to visit my other favorite sister in the world, Merilee, in a few months! Watch out, Merilee! FREEZE! Blind man bluff is ready, here I come!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

If only I had a chicken right about now...

I went out to my garden this morning and noticed an enemy had invaded...a giant horned tomato worm! Man, I hate those things. They are so big and fat, they just freak me out. Judging by the loss of the leaves of my tomato vines, it had been partying for quite some time--unless there are more still out there (gulp). I have very vivid memories of growing up when my dad would find tomato worms in the garden. We would all go down and watch as he would flip those big, fat tomato worms into the chicken pen. The chickens would go crazy fighting over the worms, it was such fun for a child to watch. Feeding tomato worms to chickens has got to be the best vengeance after losing all those leaves! So of course today I had to put on a brave face and call Owen and Henry over to check out the worm. I couldn't help but screech a little bit as I tried to pull it off the vine with a pencil--it held on for dear life, as if it were imagining the worst case scenario for its future--chickens!. We snapped a pic, and simply flipped that lucky worm into the garbage.