Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally Five!

Owen turned five last week! Here are some pictures of his birthday party. We had a family Lego party with Tim's parents.

We had a tower building contest, ate lego head marshmallow pops and cupcakes, and opened presents--the most exciting of which was a pillow pet that he had been wanting for months!

It seems like Owen always makes developmental strides right around his birthday; maybe it's just that I'm paying more attention to him and notice them. But in just the past week, he's learned to ride a bike without training wheels and all of a sudden, he likes to color. He will sit quietly for a few hours coloring pages I've printed for him---which is SO out of character for him, I never could get him to color for longer than one minute before last week. It's fantastic!

Owen is such a sweet kid. He's almost always kind to Henry, even when Henry isn't being very nice. He loves to play with friends, help me in the kitchen or with crafts, and he loves to play games of all kinds. His favorite food is corn dogs and he chooses plain Cheerios for breakfast 95% of the time. He gets mad when we call the new baby (arriving next spring) by it's nickname, "Coco Ko", and insists that she should be named Sally. He's always humming or singing. Whenever Tim or I start to sing a song, Owen always takes over after a few bars and makes up a big, long song that cracks us up. Yesterday he sang a song about Monopoly. Incidentally, he's beaten both Tim and I, on separate occasions, at Monopoly, without us making any accomodations for him other than helping count money. He's so good at games!

In school, Owen is doing great. He is advanced in reading and math for his grade level. Today as I dropped him off at kindergarten, I stayed in the car and watched Owen walk to his class. He walked toward the classroom, stopping to turn around and wave goodbye about every five seconds. Then when he was almost there, he turned and started running back toward me. I thought he might have forgotten something,so I opened my door to see what he needed. He said, "You can go now, Mommy. Bye!" and waited, waving, for me to drive away. He makes me laugh so much--I just love my Owen!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 1, 2010


We just wrapped up a fantastic Halloween weekend.

I made Owen and Henry's costumes all by myself this year. They went as the Super Mario Brothers. The costumes turned out really cute! I truly believe there is not much cuter in life than a little boy with a fake mustache--and I had two of them! Owen was Luigi, the taller of the brothers, and Henry was Mario. I made Henry's overalls a little big at the waist and then wrapped batting around his middle to make him look like a short little chunky Italian man. Tim and I couldn't stop laughing at how funny he looked with a fat belly. Soooo cute! Both Henry and Owen loved their costumes. It was nice not to have to force them into something that needed constant adjusting or was uncomfortable and scratchy like the costumes of years' past. They were comfortable and happy, which made everything so much more fun.

The weekend began Friday night with a Halloween party at the church. The party was outdoors and everyone brought chili for a chili cook off and cornbread for dinner. After eating chili there were lots of little carnival games for the kids to play, and then everyone went to their cars and opened up their trunks for the kids to trick-or-treat. We were supposed to decorate our cars and pass out candy while the kids circled the parking lot 10 or 15 times until the candy ran out. Owen took off on his own this year, and I actually had to hold Henry's bucket for him (the freeloader!) while we went to all of the cars. I casually asked someone if had seen Owen, not particularly worried, but later found out it started an all-out search for him.

I was back at our car with Tim and Henry when I was handed an award for the best chili! I'd made white chicken chili with a recipe I got from America's Test Kitchen a few years ago. I beat out two WARDS worth of chili pots with my chili! I was so excited about winning that when someone brought "lost" Owen to me, I didn't show any appreciation or say thank you or anything. Oops! I feel bad about it now. But did I mention how AWESOME my chili was????

On Saturday we carved our pumpkins. We decided that I'm the family pumpkin cleaner-outer and Tim's the family pumpkin carver. While I make quick work of getting the goo out, Tim carves them super fast! Owen had a very specific design in mind for his jack-o-lantern, which turned out being very easy and traditional. I love the classic jack-o-lantern face. Tim made his like Mario in honor of the boys' costumes.

On Sunday night we invited friends over for homemade donuts and apple cider. Then we drove across town to see a cool pirate ship someone in town puts up every year for Halloween. Owen loved it. We ended up making it to ONE HOUSE to trick-or-treat that night, at about 8:30. It was pretty late, but I couldn't let Halloween end without showing off Owen and Henry's costumes just one more time!