Thursday, May 19, 2011

McKinley's Blessing Day

McKinley's blessing day was so nice. Many of our favorite people came to be there. Tim's parents, his sister Amber, brother Adam and Adam's son Charlie all came to town. Then my parents and our Fresno friends, the Hibbard family, came, too. Tim gave a beautiful blessing, and McKinley was great. She looked so cute in her dress. My mom sewed her gorgeous blessing dress and made a little bonnet for her to wear, too.

The best baby shower/Easter egg hunt EVER!

A few months before McKinley was born, my sisters started talking about the idea of throwing me a baby shower. Susanna couldn't stand the thought that my little one might not have much to wear (other than little boy hand-me-downs), so she got together with Mindy and my mom and planned a baby shower for me.

The shower was planned about a month after McKinley was born, and was held at my parents' house so we all had a central location to meet and no one had to drive too far. The best part was that they invited my very best friends from Hesperia, so it was like a little reunion for us. Everything about the day was lovely: friends, food, and now McKinley has lots and lots of adorable little things to wear. Thanks to everyone for everything, especially for making the trip (since many of you had a distance to drive)!

And, since the shower just so happened to fall on Easter weekend, Susanna also threw together a little Easter egg hunt for the kids afterwards. Actually, the Easter egg hunt was huge. I think we ended up having about 27 kids, along with many parents and grandparents, there for the hunt. It was so fun seeing everyone's cute kids hunting for eggs just like we used to do when I was little.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Month

McKinley is now one month old. She's getting so cute. She's still a very sleepy baby, although every day she is having longer and longer wakeful periods. McKinley doesn't cry much at all. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she makes noises like she's sort of annoyed rather than all-out crying. I can appreciate that!
This past month went by so fast. McKinley is already starting to smile and make some very beginning cooing sounds. She loves to be held and cuddle. She'd probably sleep all day if someone would just hold her all the time. She's growing and gaining weight well, allowing her to develop some cute chubby cheeks!