Wednesday, July 6, 2011

three months

Little Miss Kinley turned three months old last week, and to be honest, it's been a LONG three months. Not that she's been particularly difficult, it just seems like she was born a very, very long time ago. I'm not sure if it is because we've already been through a lot (health wise) with her, or simply that she came into our family so seamlessly that it seems that she's always been here. Whichever the case, she's a doll and we all love her so much. 

In the past month, McKinley fully made the transition to sleeping through the night. She has started cooing a lot, although she's still on the quiet side. Based on her personality so far, I think this girl may be a shy one. She loves to jump (well, it still looks more like spinning with a bit of tap dancing) in her Johnny Jump-up toy and swing in the swing. She's a very happy baby and is just starting to be interested in toys. And she's got some seriously cute, chunky legs--I can't even touch my fingers together when I put them around her calves!

Also in the past month, McKinley had her kidney surgery to correct her hydronephrosis. She has recovered beautifully and will be having some imaging tests done in the next few months to check on how things are healing. Despite all of the tests, surgery, and medical bills(!),  you would never know she had any health issue. She seems perfectly normal and healthy. I am so grateful for that!

I love this little girl!