Sunday, September 11, 2011

SOOOO glad it's September!

I love September. It's still pretty hot here, but not quite with the intensity of the previous few months. Since my last stranded post things have gotten so much better. We bought a work car for Tim, and I got my independence back. Seriously, that and Owen going back to school made all the difference.

Owen started the first grade a few weeks ago and is doing great so far. The little boy that lives next door to us is in the same class, and they are having fun playing at recess and after school. We also just started him in piano lessons.

Henry doesn't seem to mind having Owen gone at school most of the day. He plays really well independently and likes to go around shopping with me. As soon as we pick up Owen from school, Henry brags about anything he got to do or have while Owen was at school. A few days ago it was, "Owen, I got a Wunchable!" (Lunchable) followed by the inevitable whiny "Awwwww!" from Owen.

And I have been busy creating, reworking, and doing stuff I like to do. After two months of not being able to think of any projects I wanted to do, now I've got at least five in different stages of completion. I started reupholstering this chair that will be going in McKinley's room. What a beauty, right??? What is it about gold velvet that was so enchanting three or four decades ago? I don't get it. I got this chair at a garage sale for three dollars! After stripping it down to the wood and removing about 42,562 staples, I painted the frame white, and now I'm about halfway done covering it with a pink and white houndstooth print. I'll definitely post pictures when I'm all finished. This project has been so fun to do. My grandfather was an amazing upholsterer, and I like to think some of that is coming out with this project. It's going to be gorgeous in McK's room!

I really need to take more pictures of my family. But I did get this one. And who doesn't love a picture of a cute baby with striped pants on? Come on, now. You know you love it.

five months

I've got a cute little 5-month-old! McKinley's eyes look to be settling to a nice Root Beer brown. She is getting to be such a big girl. She just moved into 6-9 month sized clothes and fills them out pretty well. This month she became very vocal and has perfected the raspberry. When she's unhappy or uncomfortable, she lets you know it! I think she got that from me. :)

McKinley sure likes to be stationary (aka she still isn't rolling over) but if she's held, she wants to be bounced or moved around. She loves to be in the Baby Bjorn carrier when I vacuum around the house. She also loves taking baths and walks outside. She is still very conservative with her laughs--if you want her to laugh, you've gotta work hard for it! Smiles are free, though.