Thursday, December 29, 2011


We had a really nice Christmas season this year. Here's a log of some of the fun things we did!

Tim and I threw an Ugly Sweater Christmas party. We played games and set up a "photo booth" to take pictures of our friends in their glorious festive sweaters. I got my red tweed sweater with calico appliques at a garage sale and Tim's awesome sweater, in its hot pink glory, complete with shoulder pads, 3/4 length sleeves, bedazzles and gold glitter puffy paint, came from a second hand store in Exeter. He found it all by himself! Our party was awesome.

Tim dressed up as Santa for work again this year. I took the kids to see him and McKinley got really freaked out. She screamed so loud when we tried to put her on Tim's lap! Even when he pulled down the fake beard and removed his hat she wanted nothing to do with him. It's hard to tell in the next picture from the Christmas party at church, but she hated that Santa just as much. 

At school, Owen was chosen to play the lead in the first grade Christmas play. He played a beggar dressed in rags who asks some children for money, then later reveals himself as Santa. He had a lot of lines that he memorized. Here's a clip of his big reveal. Please excuse the poor photography!

On Christmas Eve, we drove down to Tim's Aunt Sherrill's home and spent the day with his Aunt, cousins Craig and Vickie, his parents, and sister Amber. We exchanged presents with everyone. The boys were excited to get toys, and not so excited when they got clothes. It's not surprising, but still funny when they excitedly rip open a box, then dejectedly say, "Pants." and throw them over their shoulder like it's such a disappointment. I guess we need to teach them a lesson on gratitude!

That evening we went to a big Koford Christmas party at Tim's cousin Shannon's home. The party was really cool; there was a magician, dinner, games, crafts for the kids, and at the end all of the children got a pillow pet!

We spent Christmas day at my parents' house with my parents as well as Susanna and her family. Chad's family came for dinner that evening. The kids were sooo excited to see what Santa brought. After we peeked in our stockings at the crack of dawn and had breakfast, we dressed up for church. Sacrament meeting at my parents' ward was a really nice musical Christmas program. My favorite part was when the Stake President and a sister in the ward played a duet of Silent Night on accordions!!! They even had another sister accompany them on the xylophone! I had never heard someone play the accordion in church before, but it was awesome. You just can't help but smile when people play the accordion! I absolutely loved it.

After church we came home and opened up all of the presents under the tree. Owen and Henry got wooden rubber-band guns that Grandpa made. I love to see how excited my children get on Christmas. It's so much fun. They had such a blast playing with their toys and their cousins, until Owen, playing on Blake's new skateboard ramp, smashed his nose so hard we thought it might be broken. He just about ruined Christmas! Luckily after it stopped bleeding and he had a little nap he was fine.

After a fabulous Christmas dinner, we all got together and played some Christmas songs on pipe chimes that my Dad made for me. I gave him some measurements and he cut metal conduit pipes at different lengths to make almost two octaves of chimes. Everyone got to play their notes to some songs, and I "conducted". Fun!

Then we divided into two teams and went head-to-head playing Christmas Minute-to-win-it. We had a bunch of different silly games, and here are a few pictures I managed to take: My Dad and Caleb squared off on the Holiday Nut Stacker game.

Sharli and my Mom stacked cups, and the boys had to hang ten ornaments on a yardstick balancing on a wrapping-paper tube without knocking it over. And go to my sister Susanna's blog to see way better and funnier pictures of our minute-to-win-it games!

It really was a wonderful Christmas. Although we missed all of the loved ones we weren't able to see, we feel so blessed to be able to celebrate the birth of Christ with so much of our family.

Merry Christmas!

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Susanna Landon said...

The games were such a blast. We had such a great time with you guys. next time we will rethink r/c cars that are on the same frequencies and skateboard ramps too! Owen was such a trooper. I was pretty impressed that he never whined after the initial crash. Sorry!