Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Happy 2012, folks! It's time to start year six of my blog! I'm really going to try to post more this year that I did last year. It's so fun to go back and see what I've written in the past. Henry is always asking to look at his baby pictures and to watch videos I used to post of him as a baby. I'm so glad I've written and posted as much as I have, but I think I can do better this year.

We headed up to Kings Canyon National Park for a little hike with the kids yesterday. Did you know Martin Luther King Day (actually the whole weekend) is a free admission day for all national parks? We're always up for a bargain so this is the second year in a row that we've taken advantage of the free day. There was no snow, only some patches of old hardened snow (ice), and it wasn't too terribly cold for January. We hiked up Buena Vista Peak, which was very easy and perfect for the kids. McKinley rode along in a backpack carrier. Tim chose a really windy and long route up the mountain (route 245) which made Owen and I  feel pretty carsick. I forgot to bring peppermint oil (it helps with motion sickness), and Owen had to use a barf bag. He was a trooper, though, and didn't complain. Once we made it up there it was a really fun day.

2011 was a good year, but I had to learn some lessons in being responsible, and many of them were hard. I had to learn the hard way to do things like, change the filter in our refrigerator before it starts leaking while we are gone for the weekend and our wood floor gets ruined. Or the "fun" experience of having our vehicle stolen and having no repercussions because I opted not to buy comprehensive auto insurance. I learned that our cars need to be locked up at all times, even in our driveway. And I learned what it's like to be a parent with a sick baby who needed to have surgery. While tons of great things happened, and I couldn't have changed much of the trials, I wish I had been more responsible and could have prevented the heartache that many of those challenges brought me. 

So this year, I'm going to try to be responsible before I am forced to be. I am going to be better with saving money. I'm really, really, going to work on having food storage. I'm going to take better care of myself, my family, and our home. I'm going to be a better friend and kinder to my family as well as strangers. I'm going to act on the promptings I get from the Holy Ghost. And I'm going to have a great year.


Kristi said...

Sounds like awesome goals to me! Your baby is growing up so much and is so stinking cute! You look fabulous too!

Susanna Landon said...

I have to agree with Kristi... you do look fabulous! Wish I would have remembered the free day. I would have taken my kids to Zion. Shoot. call me next time and remind me. I am sure I will forget.