Wednesday, December 28, 2011

nine months

Wow, McKinley is already nine months! She is growing so fast. She weighs 18 pounds, putting her just above the 50 percentile for girls her age. She loves to eat real food, especially crackers. Her eyes are somewhere in between brown and hazel. The left eye is more greenish-hazel and the right is more brownish-hazel. Whatever color they are, they're very beautiful. McKinley is almost crawling but still only wants to go backwards. When I tell her to say "Mama", she almost always says, "Da Da!" She celebrated her first Christmas this month at Grandma and Grandpa Packard's house. Also notable: she learned to scream really loud this month, just for fun.

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Susanna Landon said...

I loved spending time with this little girlie. She is so sweet and good-natured.